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A Complete Partnership

Start here for inspiration, collaboration and a complete packaging partnership. From pencil-to-pallet, Radius brings together the packaging capabilities you need to differentiate your products in the marketplace.  Our customized design capabilities, coupled with our advanced manufacturing technologies, highlight our commitment to continue driving quality, productivity, sustainability and efficiency. Whatever your  rigid plastic packaging needs, count on us for the flexibility you need to drive your business forward.

Capabilities - Innovation


Custom product development from concept to production.

Blow Molding


Flexible cellular manufacturing platforms to match your production requirements.

Injection Molding


Turn-key capabilities providing fully integrated solutions with caps and closures.

Value Added Services


High-speed, automated labeling and more.

Innovation: From Concept to Market

Our dedicated engineering and design teams will guide your project from concept to commercialization. Using advanced processes, technologies and tools, we partner with you to create innovative, flexible and sustainable solutions with strong customer appeal. Leverage our expertise to help you incorporate more post-consumer resin in your products, solve design challenges using a barrier resin, or create complete solutions compatible with single-stream recycling. Partner with us to amplify your brand presence with a one-of-a-kind packaging solution.


We begin by understanding your unique needs and challenges, gaining additional insights through market research and applying our decades of experience with industry-leading brands to address your unique challenge.


Here your ideas grow and solutions begin to take shape through rapid concept generation, 2D digital renderings, photo-realistic images and schematic drawings.



Using in-house modeling and our manufacturing capabilities, we quickly move your project from concept to 3D CAD design to prototype. This allows us to evaluate the ergonomics and refine your product efficiently, validating the integrity of the design while ensuring design for manufacturability. 


Utilizing our Lean manufacturing principles and advanced manufacturing technologies, we can ramp-up production quickly and efficiently.


Blow Molding: Scalable and
Evolving Technologies

Our technology platforms include a broad range of blow molding capabilities, ideal for high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers. We have the flexibility to select the right manufacturing platform for each customer’s unique needs. Whether its complex, short- to mid-volume runs, or high-volume production, we can create the right solution for you and quickly adapt as market demand grows.

With a large inventory of stock molds and the expertise to create custom designs, our presses are set up for stock, tailored and custom packaging solutions.

Injection Molding: Shaping What’s Next

From flip-top lids to injection molded tubs and a growing portfolio of proprietary designs, our injection molding offering complements our containers to create a complete rigid plastic packaging portfolio. Using our latest technology, we are equipped to support runs of all sizes and meet even the most complex needs. Select caps and closures from our expanding stock portfolio or work with our design experts to create a unique solution developed just for you.

With our injection molding capabilities, Radius can help you address customer challenges, elevate the user experience, differentiate your brand in the marketplace and advance your sustainability goals.


Value Added Services: Enhancing Your Product Offering

In today’s highly competitive retail environments, it is more important than ever for your products to stand out on the shelf. Radius provides a variety of value-added post-molding operations, including product labeling and decoration, custom packaging and warehousing and stocking programs. See how these services increase efficiencies while giving you a competitive edge.

label and decorating

Labeling and Decoration

No matter the shape or size of your product, decorating and labeling will help establish your brand and messaging. Our high-speed, automatic, pressure-sensitive equipment gives us the flexibility to enhance your packaging solution through a broad range of labeling products.  Front-back applications are conducted in one pass, giving you the most economical solution. Multiple side labeling is also available upon request.

Warehousing and Stocking

Custom Packaging

At Radius we are always shaping and innovating new possibilities for our customers. Even after your product is manufactured, we offer custom packaging options for product transport such as re-shippers, bulk boxes and returnable dunnage solutions.


Warehousing and Stocking Programs

Radius offers warehousing and stocking programs to help ensure consistency of supply. We are always looking for ways to provide additional value and service for our customers.


Executing sustainability practices that reduce our overall environmental impact.


Explore our wide range of packaging solutions.


Solving critical packaging needs for a variety of industries.